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As thought leaders we bridge the gap between strategy conceived and strategy executed. 

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shared ideas, and resources. A culture immersed in creative strategy and design thinking.

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Marketing Specialist

Operations Manager

Digital Content Writer

​A Digital Marketing Specialist that is experienced in paid traffic and click funnels. This position will work closely with Clirror Strategy and Dev teams to add value in  communication strategies and execution.

A punctual leader with an internal clock for getting things done. A precise planning, process driven facilitator that loves tracking performance, and will assert themselves when necessary. 

A content writer that is experienced in writing dynamic content that helps engage specific audiences across platforms. This team player will  bring together creative and technological awareness, business insights, and industry best practices to develop innovative creative assets that engage our clients.

Social Media Manager

Web 3 Developer

An enthusiastic social media manager and coordinator to help us spread our unique voice to the community we represent. Our ideal team member is looking to grow with a progressive design movement. 

A passionate web 2.0/3.0 developer to partner on block chain related projects. We are actively participating in the digital revolution and are looking to work with thought leaders also eager to trail blaze a path in space.

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