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Wellness by Clirror. 

featuring work from:

Body NV, Jade Cargill and X28

At Clirror we’ve been able to support branding initiatives for health and wellness companies worldwide.

How we helped.

Web Design, Web Graphics, Asset Creation

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is an emerging fitness and merchandise retailer setting for melanin women in Atlanta Georgia.

They came to us looking to establish a more effective identity.

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Ms. Jade Cargill is a cultural icon. inspiring the community and young women around the world on some of the biggest stages.

Jade needed web graphics for her fitness brand’s landing page. We illuminated her existing brand identity and created photo assets that added to a unified look across platforms. 

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X28 brought us in on a seasonal campaign initiative. The brand was expanding and wanted to convey a continuous visual message as a new wave of clientele entered their growing ecosystem.

We created a series of web graphics and user interface designs to ensure the customer journey remained fluid and cohesive throughout the most lucrative campaign to date. The company saw 1.5 million in sales within the first 30 days of rolling out.

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