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New Balance 327 Campaign.

Over the years New Balance has built a name by continuing to update some of its classic silhouettes through myriad versions and collaborations. We were approached to work on invigorating a classic shoe.

How we helped.

Services: Campaign Support, Web Design, Naming, Ad Design, Asset Creation

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New Balance needed to establish an appeal amongst a younger more diverse generation of shoe collectors without losing the brand integrity.

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"style that moves with time."



Through extensive target market research, historical data, and creative muscle. Clirror curated a winning campaign strategy by aligning the shoe release with nostalgic elements and influencer association.

The brand design and messaging brought forth a concise solution and noticeable results.


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A line of the New Balance 327  was re-released in the US in September 2020 and achieved a 150% sales increase amongst the young African American population compared to earlier releases that year.

Sales increases were so noticeable New Balance made a monumental decision to extend the 3 month campaign into early 2021.

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