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American't: The Corporate Plantation.

Author King Bell’s book “Americant”  will make prospective readers laugh, cry, and ultimately become inspired to act.

How we helped.

Publication Design, Brand Identity, Web Design & Layout 

americant banner rev rev.png



The message was clear but the young author needed to establish an identity  across digital platforms. We ended up executing just that. Alongside the identity assets provided, we ended up designing the official cover design that made history. 

americant 3 pages rev.png



Our goal was to provide a cohesive, easy-to-understand visual message. We started by designing the cover of the book with that core message in mind. It's bold by association, yet thought-provoking and emotionally sensitive.

In order to push the message even further our client brought us on for creative direction on photo and video production. These elements are featured on the Americant landing page, in ads and throughout the book release campaign. 



The book is now in its early release stage and customers have responded positively to the identity established online. 

Author King Bell has received numerous compliments and interests from the press as he approaches his official release date. 

From the Author.

 "Clirror understood the assignment. Even my toughest critic, my dad, enjoyed all the elements your team was able to bring together.”


- Author King Bell  

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