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Adidas Fight Club.

Multinational Corp. Adidas is well known for strategic focus on brand credibility, consumer experience, and sustainability. In 2021, we were approached by one of their retail partners to help diversify boxing, a lesser-engaged sports segment.

How we helped.

Services: Mobile Web Layout, Web Graphics, Asset Creation for Campaign Support.

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Marketing directors were looking to extend the brand’s impact by curating campaigns with sustainability in mind.



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The official campaign release in early 2021 painted a picture of where the future of Adidas Boxing can go.



Our strategy focus was aligning the campaign voice with a brand initiative entitled  “Fight Club'' in order to increase awareness and engagement. We were able to ignite demand amongst a diverse crowd of trainers and trainees alike through an intense competitor study across select markets.

The Clirror team uncovered hidden gems in understanding what truly resonates with the target consumer’s interests and experience preferences. Our concise approach combined with a bit of cultural understanding, allowed our team to execute an efficient solution with noticeable impact.

The Results.

We designed a series of web graphics, layouts, and photo assets that represent the grit of the sport, but also maintain a modern appeal for younger generations. When the campaign went digital for user response, we noticed boxing influencers gravitating toward the refreshed feeling. 

The official campaign release in early 2021 painted a picture of where the future of Adidas Boxing can go. Today, Adidas Boxing equipment operates in 36 retail partner stores across the East Coast of the US.

Our campaign spurred a 75% sales revenue increase in the first month of launching the 6 month campaign. This increased engagement sustained and was seen throughout the duration of the campaign and beyond.

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